In 2016 Live Canon in Greenwich commissioned 154 contemporary poets to write responses to Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets, in whatever form they liked. Rosie was allocated Sonnet 126 and, as ever, her poem came in stanzas of 17 syllables each.

Here you can see Live Canon actors reading Rosie’s poem and Shakespeare’s original, Sonnet 126, in the National Art Library at the V & A Museum on Sunday 24 April 2016. All 308 poems are beautifully collected and for sale here.

Live Canon 154 pages



Live Canon performed Rosie’s second book of 17-syllable poems – ORION – at its 2012 Greenwich launch organised by Irena Hill. Here Helen Eastman introduces Live Canon and you can find two extracts from Alice Barclay’s marvellous reading. Thanks to my dear friend David Alexander Watts for holding the camera.