Library display for Churchill Writers

This photo is on the gloomy side but maybe you can see the shine in our hearts. We’re the Churchill College writing group, last Saturday, enjoying our beautiful display in the college by librarian Annie Gleeson. Writers represented on the table are Michael Smyth, Pete Chown, Gervase Vernon, Harley Farmer, Helen Mulligan (the poster is for herĀ  film ‘ExAudio’, shot in the Moller Centre), poet Liz Forte and myself. I am so proud of everyone in the group and of the wonderful friendships we’ve made over the years.

Happy writing, everyone!IMG_6912

Howling at the moon

My writing group in Churchill College, Cambridge has been meeting 12 times a year since 2011. Several of the original members still come and have become great friends. The college librarian suggested in the summer that she display our published work in the library. Well – writing can feel like solitary howling at the moon but look what the group has come up with! I’m so proud of them and show this here to encourage you too.

Library display Oct 2019