New review of Six-Count Jive

So much has changed since my latest book of poetry was published by Lapwing Publications in March 2019. The shop where the book was launched has sadly closed, the world has been gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all been in fear for own lives and those we love, and many of us have suffered the loss of dear ones.
Writers have responded to lockdown in different ways. Some are finally cracking on with that great novel, memoir or definitive poetry collection. I found myself so wrapped in mental health struggles that I’ve written very little. In fact, my writing light was pretty low until I read this review of Six-Count Jive this afternoon.  Billy Mills is a highly regarded poet and publisher living in Limerick and his reviews on his WordPress site are always worth a read. Safe to say, Billy Mills, you have cheered me enormously.
I look forward to reading the other pamphlets mentioned.
If you would rather have a paper copy, I’m afraid that Lapwing’s Dennis Greig is about to go into hospital, so provision of paper copies from Belfast is likely to be tricky for a while. I have a few paper copies left and can send copies to you for £10 each (postage etc. included, wherever you are). Please just email me at with your details, I will let you have my bank details and you can have the book in the post, signed if you’d like.
Thank you for reading this. Writing and publishing, like all the creative arts, are having a tricky time at the moment. But it’s nothing to the loss of members of our family and friendship circle and if you are grieving, recovering from this pernicious virus or supporting someone who is, I send you my warmest wishes.