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Five misconceptions about creative writing, found via Twitter in Huffpost

Advice for writing from The Monthly

Five tips for crafting your short stories 

Some writing tips from famous authors

How did Jane Austen get published?

Charlotte Bronte’s Preface to Wuthering Heights (1850)

Where do we start?

Some thoughts from Ireland about sustaining your writing practice 

Writers often keep journals: how can scribbling at random help your creative process?

You’re writing literary fiction? Here’s a discussion of why storytelling craft might still be useful.

How soon will I be filthy rich?

Marcus Berkmann’s book paints a realistic picture of his life as a jobbing writer

Happy endings every time? This article in The Critic is about the need for gently sad books for children. It has useful things to say about relentlessly happy endings for adults too.

Writers & Artists calls itself ‘the best industry advice for writers and artists’ and it’s true. They provide comprehensive lists of publishers and agents and excellent sections of advice on all aspects of writing and getting published.

The Aerogramme Writers’ Studio is also well worth a browse.

Alliance of Independent Authors for Self-Publishers is a global non-profit association for indie writers.

Authors’ Licensing & Collecting (ALCS) collects those hard-to-get dues for authors who have earned them.

Poetry Library on London’s South Bank is a haven of published poetry, events, courses and kindly support for poets at all levels.

Poetry Society in Betterton Street has great gigs, a café, a poetry competition and advice for poets.

Write Out Loud has links, support and gigs for performance poets.

London Book Fair happens annually in March and is great to explore whether you’ve got a book out or not. Publishers and agents are represented there.

Publishers’ and literary agents’ websites offer useful advice to writers: take them at their word, they mean what they say. is an online writing magazine with useful articles and inspiration.

Poets & Writers Inc

Mslexia – whatever your genre or market, there’ll be specialist online support like Mslexia out there.

The Paris Review has little to do with Paris and a lot to do with great writing. Always a rewarding browse.

Live Canon in and around Greenwich, London offers courses, competitions and publishing as well as their marvellous performances and readings.