Off to Glasgow in April

It’s too long since I’ve been in Glasgow and the Medical Humanities ECR Group at the University of Glasgow are kindly putting that right in April. I’ve been asked to read from Six-Count Jive (Lapwing Publications, 2019) at their Public Health, Private Illness interdisciplinary medical humanities conference.

The conference website says: We want to interrogate the public/private distinction within health, medicine and wellbeing, and to examine the many and complex intersections between public health ideals and the individual experience of health, illness, body and mind. There is a call for related creative writing that might interest you – details are on their page here. The deadline is 24 February, 2020.

See you in The Butterfly and The Pig on Wednesday, 8 April. D8913E25-878C-4DAE-8CE1-930633358E27

4 thoughts on “Off to Glasgow in April

  1. Angela Ward says:

    Sometimes it can be difficult to listen but, we need you to hear. Too often people suffer alone in silence. Together we become stronger. It is possible to survive, rebuild and blossom. Rosie shows us how to begin.
    Thank you Rosie.


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