Faversham Lit at The Hub – special lunchtime event for Word of Mouth #Whitstable 22 Feb 2020

Faversham is rightly proud of its excellent Literary Festival, happening for only the third time next month. As well as the many top writers on offer, the festival is hosting a whole day of POETRY AT THE HUB on Saturday 22 February, 2020. Tickets are £10 for the whole day – just £10! – or £3 for single events. Headliner is marvellous Luke Wright – tickets for his event are £8. Where’s The Hub? It’s at The Limes pub, 59 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 8PG. 

Between 12 noon and 1.00pm that day, please join me there with an outstanding and unusual combination of poets. They’ve all read at Word of Mouth/ Words on Waves so it’s A CELEBRATION OF WORD OF MOUTH #WHITSTABLE – you can book your tickets here.

Sue Rose‘s poetry is published by Cinnamon Press and Hercules Editions. Her latest, Tonewood (Eaglesfield Editions, 2019) luxuriously combines her beautiful poems about trees with Lawrence Impey’s black and white photographs. In 2009 Sue won the Troubadour Poetry Prize and was Canterbury Poet of the Year in 2008. She is a founder member of Scatterlings, a group of poets formed to give readings in Kent and beyond. She lives in Herne Bay and recently got herself a beach hut to write in.

Charlotte Ansell‘s collection Deluge was a Poetry Book Society recommendation last winter. She lives moored on the Medway and her floating but anchored life is reflected in her words. The Society says: Deluge by Charlotte Ansell, as with her previous work, displays an unerring emotional honesty. Confronting displacement, ageing, therapy, family, as well as social shifts like gentrification, Charlotte draws perspective from the community she lives in and distils it into the stunning exhortations and vignettes that make up this collection. Having moved from boat moorings in London to boat moorings in Sheffield, Deluge nods to the change with poems such as Queen of the North, which opens with “Oh my God Sheffield why/ do you always leave your coat at home?” and Dear Canal, a private note to the waters “still harbouring/ knives, forks and spoons.” 

 Gillie Robic is a Live Canon poet with two beautiful collections and appearance in several anthologies to her name. She has been a professional puppeteer for many years and designs, writes and directs for her company Suspended Animation in London. So, not only does she play marvellously with words, her storytelling is intoxicating too. 

Setareh Ebrahimi’s collection ‘In My Arms’ is published by Bad Betty Press. The Poetry Book Society says this: Spy on stolen moments between the intrepid and humanely flawed figures who populate Setareh Ebrahimi’s world. In My Arms is an assured and seductive debut, dancing to its own musicality. Setareh lives in Kent and is currently exploring the poetic possibilities of new motherhood. 

Mary Anne Smith is well known in the north Kent poetry world. She has been published in many magazines and anthologies, and has won prizes internationally, listed here on her website. She is well known for her beautifully told biographical poems about literary figures like Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf. IMG_2314


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