Belfast Lapwing events on 20 September & 4 October – please come!

Once in a blue moon I get the chance to read my poetry in my home city Belfast but very soon I’ll be there twice! We’re celebrating 40 years of wonderful Lapwing Publications and its heart and soul, Dennis and Rene Greig.

Friday 20 September at the Linen Hall Library

On Friday 20 September – a week tomorrow – between 1 and 2.30pm, poets and friends of Dennis and Rene will read and reminisce at Belfast’s Linen Hall Library. The line-up includes Fred Johnston, Moyra Donaldson, Sam Burnside, Peter Pegnall and myself. Dennis and Rene will be there (all being well) and Damian Smyth will be our master of ceremonies. What a line-up! I’m honoured to be included in what promises to be a unique, amazing event. 

Friday 4 October at the Crescent Arts Centre

Lapwing celebrations continue on Friday 4 October at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast from 6pm. Lapwing poets are flying in from all over the place, again to celebrate Dennis and Rene and their marvellous work at Lapwing for 40 years and counting. The line-up so far includes (in no particular order) Alistair Graham, John McGuckian, Shelley Tracey, Fiona Sinclair, Lorna Shaughnessy, Damian Smyth (this time as poet), and again Moyra Donaldson, Peter Pegnall and myself. Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, current Ireland Professor of Poetry is listed too! Another amazing night not to be missed.

Please come if you can to either or both events and say hello.


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