Where can I get hold of Six-Count Jive?

Six-Count Jive is for sale in these marvellous SHOPS. As with any very new book, you might save time if you ask staff for help to find it:

Harbour Books in Harbour Street, Whitstable

Waterstones in Belfast, Canterbury and Deal

The Chaucer Book Shop in Canterbury

The historic Crooked Book Shop in Canterbury (where you can help the charity Catching Lives by buying)

Top Hat and Tales in Faversham

Heffers and Plurabelles in Cambridge

No Alibis in Belfast

You can also find it in these LIBRARIES:

the Linen Hall Library, Belfast (Northern Ireland Publications Resource – NIPR – collection),

the University Library, Cambridge,

the library of Churchill College, Cambridge and

the National Poetry Library on London’s South Bank.

And you can buy it HERE – I’ll be happy to sign copies for you if you like or from Lapwing Publications direct.

Happy reading!


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